Getting Harder to Apply Yourself

I wrote this article for my final project in CO301d. It is an opinion article on how hard it is to apply yourself in life, like college, when wefare is getting more accessible and unemployment numbers are rising.

It has been getting harder and harder to apply yourself in higher education based on the current economy. It is getting easier to apply and become accepted for welfare; when unemployment is at eight percent and nobody wants to be drowning in student loans for the rest of their lives, it seems to be the better choice to make. We see potential collegiate’s taking the easy way out; it is easier to apply yourself to welfare than it is to apply yourself to college.

Welfare spending has increased 32 percent since Obama took office and that percent is still going to rise. If college students work hard for their education they might be lucky enough to find a nice job, but when over 40 states pay more then eight dollars an hour for welfare checks, and seven states pay over twelve dollars an hour, it is hard to apply yourself when the welfare option seems like less work. For other countries the vision of America already is that we are lazy, fat, and spoiled; we are just feeding their fire with all this welfare nonsense. For example, according to the Department of Commerce, places like Hawaii make an average of $17.50 an hour on welfare, and places like North and South Dakota have a lower teacher salary than welfare salary. I am a hard worker, but when statistics are saying that nine states are making more money on welfare than a school teacher, it is hard to look forward to my career as a teacher after putting in all my hard work through college.

The workforce has an unemployment rate of eight percent; thatis a scary for college students who want a high paying job after graduating; a high paying job is why most students attend college in the first place. We constantly wonder and worry if we are going to be able to find jobs when we get out of college. Journalist Joe Queenan for Prison Planet, stated that over two million graduate college students are unemployed and are fighting to even get a job cleaning tables or working retail. Most college students went into college working a minimum wage job; they do not want to come out of college with a degree and knowledge just to have to find an eight dollar an hour job again. I am scared that a masters degree is the next bachelors degree, but I do not have the money to go through another two years of school, especially when there is still no guarantee that college students will have a job after graduation. Students have been increasingly dropping out of school because of the economy; they cannot pay off their student loans or pay for school in the first place.

Overall, this economy has taken a hit on college students’ readiness and willingness to learn. When you walk through the grocery store and see the lady on food stamps that has the new iPhone and brand name clothes, you start to wonder if it is even worth the education. You do not want to pay off student loans when the unemployment rate is eight percent; it is easier to apply for welfare. According to audio, ‘applying yourself’ means putting into service; make work or employ (something) for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose. ‘Employ’ is the ironic word here; living off welfare is not employment; it is laziness and selfishness.


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