What my Junior Year has Taught Me

I am sad that I am leaving (this) blogging world after this post. I would like to continue my blogging on education, as well as expanding my blogging to my life, baking, family, and friends. My junior year has been a blessing because I enjoyed all my classes and professors. They actually took the time to understand me and help me grow to my full potential. I do not want my Junior year of college to end.

I have learned about different types of writting; writing outside the box, like drawing, blogging, vlogging, and different genres. It has expanded my mind to new hights I never knew it could. My brain is becoming a pathway of ideas and concepts that I can utilize in my future classrooms.

I have completed three genre papers, I have conducted a dialogical pedagogy, I have wrote everyday for an entire semester, and I have completed multiple stages and completed an article to submit to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

I have become so confident in my writing and creative though process. I am thankful to carry these skills with me through life.


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